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Storm - Chapter XIV
Chapter XIV
"I thought I told you to never leave!" Xemnas glared at Saïx, finding that his Second merely smiled weakly up at him.
"And here I am, Superior."
"That's not what I mean, Saïx! You could have been killed!"
"So could you, Superior. Don't you know that when someone saves you it's to keep you safe?"
"I couldn't just let you die! Saïx… You promised…"
"And I'm still here. I haven't gone anywhere, Superior…"
Xemnas closed his eyes and took a deep breath, calming himself down. He suddenly felt a hand being placed under his chin, and opening his eyes he gazed at Saïx.
"I'm here, Xemnas. You don't need to worry… I'm not going anywhere."
Xemnas nodded, staring at his Diviner with such intensity that it was as if he had never seen him before. In truth, he had thought that he would never see him again… For those eyes to close, and never again open…
How Xemnas suddenly found himself lowing his head and placing his lips upon those
:iconbellethebeauty:BelleTheBeauty 4 24
Storm - Chapter XIII
Chapter XIII
The War for Never Was
The tornados came back as they had all expected them to do, and the rains still lashed out as always. It hadn't taken the news of the Diviner's prophecy long to spread to every member, though none of them were quite sure as to what to do. Lost, battle-warn, desperate…
This was the state of every Nobody as they gathered once again in the Hall of Empty Melodies. The thirteen members were keeping quiet, hardly daring to breathe a word to anyone. They were still unsure as to what exactly was going to happen to them, though some were getting more convinced that it wouldn't end well. Marluxia was still firm in his belief that this was the end, and many were beginning to agree with him. Xigbar, for his part, was one of the only ones who still remained convinced that they would make it out alive, Demyx siding with him. Luxord was content to let fate decide, knowing what would happen would happen, while Saïx still believed in hanging on to life, not
:iconbellethebeauty:BelleTheBeauty 3 16
Our Garden - 411
The light of Kingdom Hearts shone brightly even though the rain fell, casting its pale light across the entire city of Never Was. One member, though, choose not to acknowledge the light of his supposed "only hope" that lit up the city. Instead, he had chosen to wander deep inside the castle, to the place where he felt most at peace.
As strange of a comfort as it was, Marluxia always felt most at home when he was in the garden that he himself had created. He had found a room located far away from everyone else's, so that his peace could not be interrupted. Once he had prepared the room for his needs, he had cast his magic and watched as beautiful flowers and tall trees began to bloom before his very eyes. The sight had been marvelous, and the garden that grew was just as wondrous. Marluxia then set out to trim his garden, his favorite pastime of all.
It was in that room that the Assassin had taken up residence on the day in question, for it was a very special day indeed. Marluxia was on
:iconbellethebeauty:BelleTheBeauty 2 4
Storm - Chapter XII
Chapter XII
No one had known how exactly to take the news of Kingdom Hearts crying their murder. How do you make a moon, even one filled with hearts, happy? But the news had come from the Diviner, and no one questioned him on the matter. On the other hand, everyone knew how to take the news Demyx had brought them: with panic.
As if the rains weren't enough, now the winds brought on by the storm had reached such a high velocity that they were creating even stronger whirlwinds that were slowly making their way towards the castle. Zexion stood before an upper window, watching as one of the newly formed tornados nearly touched the water below it.
"Go up… Go up!"
At the last moment it seemed to listen to the Schemer's plea and returned to the sky above, Zexion letting out a sigh of relief, realizing he had been holding his breath. The last thing he wanted to think about was the water geyser that would form if that base touched the ground, seeing as how their castle was an
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Storm - Chapter XI
Chapter XI
Divine Prophecy
Demyx had loved water for as long as he could remember. Back when he was still a Somebody he had played in it every chance he got. He'd run outside when the rain began to fall, spinning and giggling in complete bliss… It was the thunder that got to him. It was the thunder that was making him run down the corridors at this late hour, hugging his arms around himself and whimpering when the boom would sound. He went straight to Saïx's room, but the older man wasn't there. So next he went to Addled Impasse. It was when he didn't find the man here that he realized it would be difficult to locate the Diviner.
Demyx began searching everywhere, wondering where he had gone. Or worse, what if he had gotten caught…? What if the water had gotten him…? But how could it have done that? He was thinking like Xigbar now, talking as if the water was a real being coming to claim them all. And maybe it very well was… Demyx shivered again, not wanting to
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Storm - Chapter X
Chapter X
The rest of the members found themselves not going too far from each other, all keeping a watch on the door. They weren't all speaking to one another, some not speaking at all, but there seemed to be some comfort in the fact that they were all close together.
Marluxia had gone to sit by Vexen, watching as the water slowly crept back up to the castle.
"Hey, Vexen."
"Yes, Marluxia?"
"Back in the lab… What was that?"
Vexen smiled to himself, glancing at the Assassin who watched him with unblinking eyes.
"I told you to think of something else, and you wouldn't. So, I decided to help you."
Marluxia watched him closely, wondering what was going on in the Academic's head, as he usually did when in his presence.
"It worked, didn't it?"
A small smile graced those petal lips, ever so devious.
"A little…"
~ ~ ~
Xigbar watched the water coming back to attack a second time, already anticipating it. It wouldn't win. The water was going down…
"Having a star
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Storm - Chapter IX
Chapter IX
Moonlight Shadows
Death. That was the one thing he was sure of, the one thing that he could see. Death everywhere. All of his members, and there was nothing he could do to save any of them. He had tried, he wasn't going to lose them without a fight; but he had failed. Failed like he had at so many other things in his life… He turned, watching as his own death came close, coming for him next…
Pale blue hair suddenly blocked his view from his own death as a sudden dread ran through him. His death hit his Second right where his heart should have been, and the scream that came forth was one that would haunt Xemnas forever.
He wasn't even sure it was his own voice that he heard it was so torn and broken, and as the Diviner fell into his arms Xemnas suddenly knew what it felt like to be truly dead…
Those yellow eyes closed, never to open again…

Xemnas suddenly opened his eyes, gasping for breath
:iconbellethebeauty:BelleTheBeauty 4 22
A Sweet Deal - AkuDemy
Since the day he had arrived in the World That Never Was and joined the group known as Organization XIII, Demyx had come to understand a few important things.
One was that he really didn't think it was fair how he always got blamed whenever something broke or mysteriously vanished, leaving one broken piece behind. True, it usually was because of him that the items in question broke. It never occurred to him until after he had shown off his tidal wave that a force like that could indeed break something. But it was all in good fun, right?
Unfortunately, the members who said items belonged to didn't find much fun in it. Of course, there was always the fact that they didn't need to find out who exactly did break their things, which brought Demyx to his second important detail.
The Organization's number VIII could annoy him more than anyone he had ever met before. Axel was nothing but a cocky, arrogant jerk in the Nocturne's opinion. It also didn't help Axel's case that it always seemed to
:iconbellethebeauty:BelleTheBeauty 7 22
Storm - Chapter VIII
Chapter VIII
She wasn't one to show fear, nor bow to it. No, the Savage Nymph was just as her name suggested: savage. She tortured, took pleasure from it, was cunning in her own way; a warrior. Her kunai could slice through anything they came in contact with, something Larxene had always prided herself on. That was why she had never meant to scream. Never. It had all just happened so fast…
She had been walking down the corridor leading to the entrance, somewhere no one had walked in weeks. What was the point, when one couldn't leave to enjoy the town? Maybe that was why all of the friends had turned on each other so fast. They hadn't had fun in a good long while. She was starting to think that everyone should shut up and take lessons from numbers II, III, and X. They seemed to be enjoying their deaths, at least…
Larxene glanced out of the window to watch the lightning pierce the sky, a smile spreading across her lips. The lightning was as savage as she was, as anyone c
:iconbellethebeauty:BelleTheBeauty 3 23
Storm - Chapter VII
Chapter VII
Nocturnal Fears
Demyx wandered the halls of Never Was Castle, wishing beyond anything that he could erase the rain falling outside of the castle walls. He had been playing his sitar in his room, wondering how many more times he'd be able to do it, when their impending deaths had truly hit him.
Demyx closed his eyes as he walked, talking to the sky itself.
"Stop… Please stop… No more rain. I control the water, and I demand it!"
But he could stop it no more than he had started it. There was nothing he could do, and for some reason that kept weighing on him. Maybe it was because this was his family; the only family he had ever known, but certainly everything he had ever wanted. If anything happened to any one of them… Even Marluxia, who had plainly tried to kill him. But that didn't matter. It wasn't Marluxia's fault; he had never wanted Demyx dead. Axel and Roxas were feeling terrible now for trying to attack Marluxia and Larxene, and the Nymph herself w
:iconbellethebeauty:BelleTheBeauty 4 21
Storm - Chapter VI
Chapter VI
The Gamble
"Hit me."
"Oh dear, twenty-three, so sorry."
Luxord's smile was positively evil as he watched Xaldin glaring down at the cards, before the Lancer threw the cards on the table with resentment.
Luxord turned to Xigbar, who was lost in thought over his next move.
Knowing he had lost, Xigbar smiled up at Luxord. The Gambler of Fate merely raised an eyebrow as he waited for the Freeshooter's move.
"Go fish?"
Luxord nodded, taking both of their munny from them, adding to his collection.
"I'm afraid if things keep going at this rate then you two aren't going to be able to play anymore from lack of munny."
"Just put it on our tab." Xigbar said as he and Xaldin gave their cards back in to be shuffled again.
No one was really sure how the three of them had managed to stay calm the entire time, all acting as if a storm wasn't raging outside, as if their very lives in no way hung in the very balance. In truth, all three of them were scared, worried that this was it for the No
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Best Day of the Year - 411
Most members of the Organization wondered why their Number XI even bothered investing in an alarm clock, as he was always up before the alarm sounded for him to wake. It never failed that the Assassin would be mostly dressed and ready to begin the day when the ring from the clock sounded, which he would instantly silence with a push of the button.
Today was different though. Today Number XI was nowhere to be found when the alarm sounded. He had gotten up far earlier than usual, dressed solemnly and silently, and left his room without a second thought of the alarm that would soon sound. Which it did, much to the annoyance of those who took up rooms near the Assassin, and the ringing continued until a very angry Nymph went to silence it forever.
Marluxia was long gone by this time, already making his way through the hallways of their large castle, an almost panicked expression on his face.
"This has to be my year… Oh, please let it be my year…"
Marluxia had to contain hi
:iconbellethebeauty:BelleTheBeauty 4 21
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